Obsidian Sword of Grundleforge

Elementals and runes combine on this black sword.

weapon (melee)

The sword is 6 feet long, 5 feet of blade and 1 foot of handle. It is slim, black, and unadorned.

The sword ignores armor.

Grants the Grundleforge Clan +1 Strength upgrade.


The sword was retrieved from the Forge of Krendel Forgemaster. Brandergriff led Balgruuf and Rolf on a mission to scout the long-lost Forge. After Rolf got them in, they confronted an elemental stone giant and slew it, absconding with its sword and leaving the Forge sealed behind themselves (16 layers of runic protection.) They gifted the sword to the jarl, strengthening the clan.

Obsidian Sword of Grundleforge

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