Rolf Grundleforge

Green eyes, brown hair buzzed short, but with a long beard w/streaks of silver in it braided through a large gold ring.


Loresinger/Crafter for Clan Grundleforge. Is a Mauler in combat and loves to strike foes down with his weapons or rip pieces from them with his teeth or bare hands if necessary. Is also skilled with the chants of Ur and the legends and songs of the clan. Loves to drink and loves to fight. After returning the sword from Krendal Forgemaster’s forge to the clan, took upon himself the place of Paladin for the clan which upgrades the amount of damage his named weapon does.

His name weapon is a 3 headed mace made from Orc skulls that have been dipped in motlen steel.


During his youth, searched for clues and riddles of the clan’s past. Discovered the 16 pass-keys required to get into Forgemaster’s lost forge although he did not discover its location. Comes from a craft-family in the clan. His father is Boru Grundleforge and is a respected Architect within the clan. His mother, Morgraff Grundleforge, is a respected armor-smith.

Rolf Grundleforge

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