Axes and Anvils

Into the Forge

Journey Into the Past

The Mission

Three champions were lounging in the Rotunda in the central chamber of the clanhome—Brandergriff, Balgruuf, and Rolf. They were approached by a squire, asking them to meet with the jarl (king). After a round or two of drinks, they headed to the palace and met with the jarl.

Jarl Duncan Gromf the Greater explained that delver scouts had discovered the location of the Forge of Krendel Forgemaster, an ancient artifact that predated the clan’s devotion to the Gods of Ur. It was locked with sixteen passkey words, and impossible to breach—but Rolf the Loresinger had gone into the depths of the clanhome and questioned ghosts to get the sixteen keys and their proper order. A small, quiet expedition of heroes was needed to determine what threat the Forge may present, and what opportunities.

The Journey

They armored up and nonchalantly headed through the Gate of Souls on the east side of the clanhome, out into the underground wilds. They passed the Cave of Bats, up to the Warren, a fungal maze. They were led by Gailwhyff, a scout. She was a delver, and also had some training as an enchanter.

As they headed warily through a forest of mushrooms where some of the mushrooms were new, their worried delver guide went to scout. Meanwhile they were attacked by cricket-centaur fey things, which were swiftly dispatched by the dwarven champions.

They hustled to a safe place with pools of cold water, where Rolf told them tales of the age when dwarves freely walked these depths, before the catastrophe. They felt their will strengthen, and they braced for the task ahead. They continued on to the Forge.

The Forge

They got past the igneous rock of the erupted volcano, to granite; Gailwhyff explained that the whole forge was encased in lava during the catastrophe, and it locked itself (most likely.) She found it recently, and guided them to it. She would hang back and wait for them to emerge.

They approached the massive enchanted machinery of the gate, and Rolf bravely said the words, in the proper order, disarming the multi-dimensional and runic safeguards sealing the Forge. They entered reverently.

Awed by the screen of living flame, and the cold liquid, and the massive forge they beheld, they were shaken as a giant made of stone threatened them and told them to leave. The giant picked up a massive obsidian elemental sword from the rune-crusted forge, and attacked the dwarves.

They defended themselves handily while striking back, and managed to bring the giant down, with Rolf smashing its head to pieces. The whole thing burst into sand, and they retrieved the sword and pulled back, locking the door behind themselves so whatever lurked in the depths would not escape into the darkness beneath the clanhome.

The Return

Humming with runic energy, they followed Gailwhyff back to the clanhome after Rolf made a make-shift sheath for the sword so it would not be obvious to passersby. They returned without incident, took baths, then met with the jarl and told him the tale.

He appreciated their efforts, and claimed the sword as his own to bolster the military might of the clan. While the forge would be kept secret for now, he assured them their fame would spread when the time was right to reveal what was done on this day.


Lore Clarification:

The Forge was actually created by the primordial founders of the clan over 1,000 years ago. It is called Krendel Forgemaster’s Forge because when he re-took the clanhome from the elementals that haunted it 400 years ago, he found his way to the forge where the troubles started and made a weapon and armor. As he battled the elemental lord in the Forge where it confronted him, the resulting eruption caught the whole forge up and encased it in lava. Only Krendel’s enchanted armor allowed him to escape through the magma and return to the clanhome; the Forge itself was lost in a flow of rock. It was thought to be buried beyond reach forever.

Into the Forge

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